Some Best MS Word Shortcuts Tips And Tricks

MS office play very important role in our day to day life, we do a lot of office and personal work in the M.S words, like preparing work report, bills and cash memo, contents and blogs writing. so everyone should be aware of these Some Best MS Word Shortcuts Tips And Tricks

Best MS Word Tips And Tricks


  •  Move Text Without Using Ctrl+x, ctrl+v

Select the text you want to move and hold F2 on your Keyboard. Now, place the cursor anywhere in the document, and press enter button. You will find that the selected text has been moved to the new place.

  •  Select the text freely

When we select text in the word document, the selection moves horizontally even you are dragging it down. For select uniformly you should press and hold Alt button. While selecting the text, and you will be easily select the texts the way you want.

  • Write anywhere in the word documents

If you want to write text in anywhere in your word document you should just double-click at the place where you want to write. and you will see cursor there, now start typing.

  •  Insertion of ASCII and UNICODE character in the document

For inserting the ASCII and UNICODE character in the word document you need to press and hold ALT BUTTON and the code of the character.
ex- Alt 159 will type ƒ. Alt 2 will type.☻ Alt 203 will type ╦. Alt 0153 will type ™.

  •  Random Change of Case

Sometimes we need to type in small cases by mistake we type in the capital letter. now don’t need to delete it and type again.just press the shift +f3 button all the caps letter changed into small cases.

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